The One-Winged Alchemists

What motivated me to write this was just a general enlightenment that you have when you turn “of age”. Until 21 or maybe a year or two older than that, you don’t think much about the “serious” stuff in life. But there comes a time when you suddenly, out of nowhere, get a sense of duty and fulfillment towards your family or your parents, whomsoever was responsible for taking care of you financially / supported you while growing up. And this phase is one of the most toughest in life, because you’re transitioning from — I’m gonna party till 4 AM — to maybe — I’m gonna buy groceries at 6 PM and sleep. So that’s what basically motivated me to write this.

In general, when you’re working under a company or brand you’re asked to deliver on certain expectations that they have from you. Specific to the software or development industry, you may have sprints that run biweekly or weekly to accomplish certain tasks. But let’s not get too technical about it for now. The goal here is to analyze the aftermath of the sprints or in layman terms, what exactly happens when you see the message that says your paycheck has arrived.

The first category that you see here would be — The straight shooters — If I had to give some personal examples, I’d say that when I got my first big — as in comparatively bigger than before — paycheck in the development gig, I was super stoked. I could buy most stuff that I had bought on No-cost EMIs entirely with one go in my current status.

I could dream more, albeit materialistic, I could now dream of a car or maybe even a house. I could finally give clarity to my imagination of owning a home proudly and making my dad go — “Daaamn son, you good bruh” — This is mostly what guys like me from lower-middle class strata would maybe think about.

There’s also a second category — The entrepreneurs — there’s lots of different variations of these guys but basically some of them have this fire they’re not sure what to do about it initially and later divert it into a concept or an idea that they would like to implement. Guys from this category would undoubtedly not settle for a mediocre job hence would almost constantly have troubles financially or otherwise. But the kicker is that a subset of these guys just hustle so much that the first category — who dream of buying things without No Cost EMI — would end up in a product-based company owned by guys from the second category. But then again, the keyword is subset.

Finally, there’s another group of people who are hybrids / the crossovers. These guys are generally very introverted or put up a front of being an extrovert when in reality they are just pretending to be one. These guys don’t stand out, they don’t really have the aura of an extra-ordinary person, they’re not the heart of any party unless it’s a gaming party. But they try to have the best of both worlds, support their families’ dreams and their own as well.

The point here is that none of these categories of people are good or bad. The intention of that description above was not to judge but rather introducing the third category, the hybrids, or whom I’d like to call —
“The One Winged Alchemists”

Thomson, you’re so naive, partial and just plain rude to only write about the third category, what about the first two? Well, I found the third category fascinating and that’s why I write about them, but if you find the other two interesting, by all means, go ahead.

So why the name, One winged Alchemists you ask? What I equate with wings, is the ability to fulfill one’s own dreams. And what I mean by alchemy is to fulfill your families’ or others’ dreams. So combining these two and realizing that you cannot have both wings because you also have to fulfill others’ dreams along the way, is how One Winged Alchemists came into play.

I’d like to end this article as a pretext to another article, much more in detail about these guys, because that way you get a cliffhanger and I get a commitment to write more. :P

— Cowabunga!



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